Career days, 2023. October 19, Kaunas "Žalgiris" arena

How to become WANTed employer? (Memo)

How to prepare for the “WANTed” Career Days? 


  • You can initiate an announcement about your participation in the event in your organization’s website or in social media. Join the event in Facebook and LinkedIn and start following the information of this event;
  • If you are not registered to the “WANTed” platform, where job and practices possibilities are shared, you are very welcome to do that in this link:;
  • Please decide, how and in which way you would like to represent your organization, as well as, please consider which colleague will administrate and organize the representation of your organization;
  • Take in a consideration which colleague of your organization could perform in virtual Q&A sessions, where he / she will be answering to the students questions;
  • Please set a strong objectives, such as: what king of workers are you searching at this moment and will be searching in near future, how many free occupations for the workers your organization has at this moment and will be having in a near future;
  • Consider and prepare the proposals for the practice / job / final projects themes and appload them to the “WANTed” job and practice advertisements platform;
  • Also you can take a look at KTU studies programmes where our students are studying:;
  • Try to prepare for the most unexpected questions about your organization, work place, emotional climate, possibilities, future colleagues which could be and possibly will be raised by students.

How to be an atractive employer at the “WANTed” Carrer Days?


  • Communicate openly and friendly with students.
  • Share information about your company, try to answer any questions you may have.
  • Offer students a relevant topic for the final project.
  • Collaborate and make new connections.
  • Create a small celebration for yourself and your colleagues – we wish this event to be a fun experience for everyone.