Career Days 2022


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About the event

KTU “WANTed” Career Days 2022  is the largest event for contacts and career planning in the Baltic States, attended by students, pupils and companies and organised by Kaunas University of Technology.

The Career Days, organised for the last eighteen years, helped thousands of students to successfully enter the labour market and the representatives of companies to find the most talented employees and interns for their organisations.

​​​​This year, after a pause of two years, this event is coming back to Kaunas “Žalgiris” Arena.

This event is for:

  1. Find an internship place;
  2. Try to get a job offer;
  3. Get new ideas for the topic of their final degree project;
  4. Listen to the presentations of the experts in the area;
  5. Learn about the latest innovations and work culture at the companies.
  1. Introduce themselves;
  2. Form their image for the needs of young people;
  3. Attract best young talents.
  1. Interested in the labour market trends, their future professions and the development of innovations;
  2. Get acquainted with the most famous Lithuanian and foreign employers;
  3. Get acquainted with the most promising study programmes of the Kaunas University of Technology.
Erika Jucevičiūtė-Barisė

Head of Partnership Development Office

phone: +370 616 18097


Why is it worth participating?

  • Your company will create an image of one of the most attractive employers;
  • You will present the activities of your company to the most active future employees;
  • You will have a chance to contribute to the education of future professionals, and share your experience and insights;
  • You can join “WANTed”, ”GIFTed”, “SKILLed FinTech”  and ”GUIDed” non-formal education programmes;
  • By participating in various student engagement activities, you will help them shape their image as a young professional when they enter the job market;
  • As needed, you will get involved in other cooperation activities of the University and the company, you will participate in ongoing projects and other initiatives related to student employment.
  • You will make useful contacts and widen your circle of acquaintances with the representatives of more than 100 companies and organisations;
  • You will have a chance to reveal your best qualities to your potential employers;
  • You will learn about the available job and internship places;
  • You will find the ideas for the topic of your course or final degree project;
  • You will learn the latest labour market trends and the most striking achievements of companies.


Kristina Skučienė
Kristina Skučienė

Director of Student Affairs Department

phone: +370 638 32977

Erika Jucevičiūtė-Barisė
Erika Jucevičiūtė-Barisė

Head of Partnership Development Office

phone: +370 616 18097


How to become "WANTed" employer?

How to prepare for the “WANTed” Career Days?

  • You can initiate an announcement about your participation in the event on your organisation’s website or on social media. Join the event on Facebook and LinkedIn and start following the information about this event;
  • If you are not registered to the “WANTed” platform, where job and practices possibilities are shared, you are very welcome to do that at this link:;
  • Please decide, how and in which way you would like to represent your organisation, as well, please consider which colleague will administrate and organise the representation of your organisation.
  • Please set objectives, such as: what kind of workers are you searching for at this moment and will be searching for in the near future, how many free occupations for the workers your organization has at this moment and will be having in a near future;
  • Consider and prepare the proposals for the practice / job / final projects themes and upload them to the “WANTed” job and practice advertisements platform;
  • In addition, you can take a look at KTU studies programmes what our students are studying:;
  • Try to prepare for the most unexpected questions about your organisation, workplace, emotional climate, possibilities, and future colleagues.

How to be an attractive employer at the “WANTed” Carrer Days?

  • Communicate openly and be friendly with students.
  • Share information about your company, and try to answer any questions you may have.
  • Offer students a relevant topic for the final project.
  • Collaborate and make new connections.
  • Create a small celebration for yourself and your colleagues – we wish this event to be a fun experience for everyone.