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Career days 2023 19 October Kaunas Žalgiris Arena



Why participate?

Why participate?

  • You will shape the image of your organization as one of the most attractive employers;
  • You will present your company’s activities to the most active future employees;
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute to the education of future professionals, share your experience and insights;
  • You will be able to join the WANTed, GIFTed, GUIDed, SKILLed AI and SKILLed FinTech non-formal education programs for students;
  • By participating in various student engagement activities, you will help them shape their image as a young professional when entering the labor market;
  • As needed, you will get involved in other university and company cooperation activities, participate in ongoing projects and other initiatives related to student employment.
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How to prepare for the WANTed Career Days? 

  • You can initiate an announcement about your participation in the event in your organization’s website or in social media. Join the event in Facebook and LinkedIn and start following the information of this event;
  • If you are not registered to the WANTed job and internship offers platform, where job and internship vacancies are shared, you are very welcome to register your organization by following this link;
  • Please decide, how and in which way you would like to represent your organization, as well as, please consider which colleague will administrate and organize the representation of your organization;
  • Take in a consideration which colleague of your organization could perform in virtual Q&A sessions, where he / she will be answering to the students questions;
  • Please set a strong objectives, such as: what king of workers are you searching at this moment and will be searching in near future, how many free occupations for the workers your organization has at this moment and will be having in a near future;
  • Consider and prepare the proposals for the practice / job / final projects themes and upload them to the WANTed job and internship offers platform;
  • Also you can take a look at KTU studies programmes where our students are studying here;
  • Try to prepare for the most unexpected questions about your organization, work place, emotional climate, possibilities, future colleagues which could be and possibly will be raised by students.

How to be an atractive employer at the WANTed Career Days?

  • Communicate openly and friendly with students.
  • Share information about your company, try to answer any questions you may have.
  • Offer students a relevant topic for the final project.
  • Collaborate and make new connections.
  • Create a small celebration for yourself and your colleagues – we wish this event to be a fun experience for everyone.




Upon receiving your registration, the event organizers will review the provided information and contact you.

Company presentations take place at the booths in the WANTed meets WANTed area. Additionally, the event includes the WANTed Talks conference, brief introductions with students during the SPEED NETWORKING session, student engagement in fun activities at the Inspiration Space, entertainment performances, and other activities.

The Inspiration Space is located on the 0th and 1st floors of the “Žalgiris” arena. In the Inspiration Space, we kindly ask companies to present interactive and engaging activities for students. This area is not a booth zone, and companies are responsible for providing their own materials in this zone. The organizers will provide a table, chair, and power outlet for each company.

The Respite Space is designed for students and company representatives to relax, rest and chat with each other. Also in this space there will be a wall of company QR codes leading to the company’s job/internship ads and company logos. After scanning the codes, students will learn more about the open positions you offer.

WANTed job and internship offers platform is used by all KTU (and not only) students. Before the event, during the event and after it, students will search for your vacant positions on this platform. It is very important for the company not only to register on this platform, but also to provide all the necessary information about your company correctly. Free platform membership for a company will be valid from 3 to 12 months (depending on the chosen participant status).

One of the main goals of the KTU WANTed Career Days 2023 is to help students find an internship or a job. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you plan your current and future need for new colleagues well before the event and submit your proposals. The minimum recommended number of offers from the company on WANTed job and internship offers platform depends on the participant status of the event you have chosen:

  • “Participant” – 3 vacancies;
  • “Participant+” – 5 vacancies;
  • “Partner” – 7 vacancies;
  • “Main partner” – 10 vacancies.

Participant’s accreditation is necessary for a company representative to enter the “Žalgiris” arena. The accreditation will have to be shown to the security guard. All company representatives must have accreditations when passing through the arena ramp and technical facilities (e.g. changing rooms).

Located in the far left corner of the arena, this is the technical entrance distinguished by its exceptionally tall doors designed to accommodate large technical transport vehicles.

If the information you provide remains unchanged in essence, there is no need to send it. However, in the case of any substantial modifications or updates, please forward the revised information to

The installation of the stands will be handled by the stand organizer, who will take care of all related matters. We will provide you with the relevant contacts during the period of June-July.

Social partners have a standard event participant package:

  • Designated place (its size/area is determined by the organizers);
  • Table, chair and electrical outlet;
  • 3 accreditations for organization representatives.

*Lunch is NOT included in the package for social partners, however, during the event coffee and snacks will be served to the representatives of social partners in the dressing room.

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